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By alisonascott, Mar 20 2017 08:31PM

I thoroughly enjoyed making this seriously chunky solid sterling silver ring. The form was first carved from the blue wax and then cast using the lost wax method. There was much filing, polishing and burnishing to acheive this final result.

By alisonascott, Mar 20 2017 08:11PM

My lichen studies have developed into a neck piece. The idea is to express the comfort and relaxation I feel during my coastal walks in Cornwall. The forms are stuffed and have the feel and weight of a wheat bag that one would use warmed around the neck to aid relaxation. It's still a work in progress as I still have to make the back pieces and have yet to decide if I will add some hand embroidery.

By alisonascott, Mar 20 2017 07:59PM

I've been working on a uni project recently focusing on lichen growing the rocks I pass on my coastal walks. I have been facinated with the natural beauty of these colourful organc forms for some time now and have finally found a way to portray this through the medium of textiles. Here are 3 sample pieces using hand embroidery, machine stitch, embelished fabrics and puff binder.

By alisonascott, Oct 30 2016 03:38PM

Welcome to my blog entitled "Drawn to Stitch". I thought it was about time I started to share my creative journey with you all. Those of you who know me well will know that I've painted for many years now, starting with traditional materials and then moving onto mixed media. Now in the second year of my Contemporary Design Craft degree at the University of Hertfordshire I find my self undeniably "Drawn to Stitch" and textile art.

Recently at uni I've been exploring my creativity through textiles experimenting with both traditional and contemporary techniques and combining the two to arrive at some interesting outcomes. My felted vessels incorperated both neutral and bright felting fibres with autumn leaves. It's been interesting to observe the slowly changing colours and gradual decay of the leaves. The pieces continue to degrade and evolve.

Felted Vessels - Leaf Decay
Felted Vessels - Leaf Decay

By guest, Oct 17 2016 04:25PM

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